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We provide a myriad of professional concrete services and are specialists in spray on concrete. Here is a taste of what we offer:

Decorative Spray

Spray on concrete is an affordable and attractive option if you are looking to increase the aesthetic appeal of your property or outdoor area. Decorative spray creates the look of wonderful patterns or paving without the added cost of installation, materials and labour. Decorative concrete

Concrete Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls are the perfect solution when landscaping on hillsides or uneven ground. We are concrete specialists and provide a fantastic service with all of our retaining walls. Concrete retaining wall

Paths & Paving

We can build almost any type of pathway or paved area you could wish for in a variety of patterns, materials and colours. paths and paving


We can build almost any type of driveway you could wish for in a variety of patterns and colours. Driveway

Garage Floors

We can build almost any type of garage floor you could wish for in a variety of patterns, materials and colours. Garage floor

Stencil Impressions

This affordable concrete alternative is a great option and provides a beautiful low maintenance finish. Stencil impression concrete

Slate Impression

Slate Impression concrete is achieved by stamping textured mats into concrete. This affordable concrete alternative to slate tiles is a great option and provides a beautiful low maintenance finish. Slate impression concrete

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate achieves smooth clean lines and is extremely low-maintenance, hardwearing, long lasting and very attractive. Often, panels of colour are inserted to create geometric patterns; this is a winning choice for driveways and pathways. Exposed aggregate


We utilise our 25 + years of experience to provide the best quality and services, here is just a taste of some of our most popular services:

Sleeper walls

Sleeper walls are typically constructed from treated pine or red gum and are a very cost-effective solution. They are tough, durable, and attractive and can be built to varying heights. Sleeper walls will last a very long time and have a typical life expectancy of 25+ years. Sleeper wall

Rock and gravel solutions

We can design and implement any desired landscape using a variety of rocks, gravel, pebbles and other materials. We utilise varying colours, sizes, shades and textures to provide a stunning landscaped garden – the options are endless! Rock and gravel options

Sprinkler systems

We provide a wide variety of functional sprinkler options for the longevity of your garden – from hose fitted to fully irrigated options, we have the perfect solution for your garden. Talk to us today about the right option for you. Sprinkler systems by ConcScape Solutions

Turf laying and preparation

Instant turf or seeded options are available and with our 25+ years of experience in horticulture we can provide the perfect, long-lasting solution for a rich, green garden regardless of the conditions. Turf laying by ConcScape Solutions

Garden Beds

With over 25+ years experience in horticulture and planting, we can deliver beautiful, low maintenance garden beds of all shapes and sizes. We carefully plan and deliver garden beds that will thrive. When combined with concrete, timber, rock, sleeper options, we build beautiful stunning, functional garden beds. Garden beds by ConcScape Solutions